Hi friend, I’m Erika.

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

I’m also:

Enneagram: 8w7, Tendency: Rebel, Human design: Manifestor, Myers-Briggs: ESTP

I have a (not-so) mild obsession with personality tests and a very real obsession with helping others to reconnect with their body.

I know that if you’re here, you are seeking meaningful answers: tired of feeling out of balance, out of control, and unheard. I’ve been there too.

Just a few short years ago, I was a different person. I had 120 pounds of extra weight on my body, spending most every day wishing and wanting to be someone different. Always the ‘big’ girl in every circle with a personality loud enough to drown out the shame and defeat I suffered each time I looked in the mirror.

Experiencing childhood trauma effects people in many different ways- after losing my mother to cancer at a very young age, food became my comfort. I lived every day in fear expecting the same fate as my mother: breast cancer diagnosis at 23, life ending at age 32. I spent the first 20+ years of my life eating highly processed foods, crash dieting, and hating my body. I thought that making myself smaller or learning to be “healthy” would bring my heart into balance. I believed a lower number on the scale would improve myself worth for good.

In 2013, I developed photos from a recent vacation and I couldn’t recognize the woman in the pictures. I was 281 pounds. The majority of my meals were from a drive-thru window or from a package. I had not owned a scale or full length mirror in years. Underneath the blanket of denial, I had given up on myself. Within a few days, I gathered the courage to walk into a gym for guidance. I didn’t expect much of myself at first. In truth, I chose the gym because at $10/month I would not feel guilty when I inevitably gave up on myself. But this time… I didn’t. In one session with a trainer, I felt a shift. I knew that he believed in me and I still didn’t believe in myself. How could an almost-stranger see something in me that I didn’t even know existed? This realization gave me the strength to begin ‘choosing’ me. With every small habit change, I began to choose myself a little more. This sounds like the beginning to a happy ending, doesn’t it? Hate to disappoint, but it isn’t; no journey is linear.

Erika Transformation photo

For years, I continued seeking that ending: the “after” picture that would make me feel whole. Despite making massive progress on the scale, I continued hating my body: viewing exercise as a means of punishment for food choices, depriving myself of calories, and spending all of my energy trying to uncover this body I believed would make me truly happy. Despite losing 100 pounds, I still lived in a world of extremes: restricting, bingeing, feeling overwhelmed and misguided. I had this body I should feel proud of, but it didn’t feel earned. Losing weight changed me, but it wasn’t the cure I had hoped it would be; the emotional weight I had carried was far heavier than the weight I could ever lose on a scale.

After regaining some weight, I decided to sign up for another diet program. Like any other nutrition challenge, I expected structure, restriction, and results. Instead, I learned. The universe, in all it’s wisdom, brought me a nutrition challenge rooted in nutritional therapy. This wasn’t about restriction, but awareness. The more I learned, the more curious I became. For the first time I felt at HOME in my body. Movement was no longer about punishing my body, but about celebrating what it could do. Food no longer had power over me. . My body composition finally began to change when weight loss was no longer my focus. The peace I finally found was not in my transformation photos, but through the magic of the small every-day choices that led to my evolution.

I remember being tired of starting over, desperate for change. I remember the mountain of change feeling overwhelming and impossible. I used to be the girl looking at transformation photos for inspiration, hoping that one might speak to me and help to change my life. Instead, it started with a stranger believing in me so that I could begin the journey of believing in myself. It evolved into a tiresome search for meaning and value everywhere outside of myself before curiosity brought me back home to my body.

Happiness is not on the other side of your obstacle like a prize waiting to be claimed. It isn’t meant to be found, but built. It’s built along the way with every small choice you make, your habits, the humans you surround yourself with. Transformation is so much more than an idea of who you ‘should’ be or a number on the scale. You do not have to live in fear, accepting disease as fate because it “runs in the family”. Your genes do not define you; your habits do. You have the power to start over and be reborn every day that you want to be.

You are capable of spectacular things.

I am here to help you embrace your power, discover tools to evolve your life, and empower you to live a radiant life with whatever destination you choose.

Today, I am not perfect… I am a process. Like you, I am on a journey to maintain balance in my life and body. The process continues every day, because our bodies are always evolving. I am not ashamed or afraid of my struggle or failures because it helps me to connect with you.

If you’re ready to learn how to balance your body through real food nutrition, lifestyle changes, and a dash of herbal supplements, it’s time to evolve.

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